Fact Sheet

2-page Shared Care Committee overview available here

Type of organization

The Shared Care Committee is a collaborative partnership of the BC Ministry of Health (MoH) and Doctors of BC.


To support family physicians (FPs) and specialist physicians (SPs) in working together to improve the flow of patients from primary to specialist care.


The Shared Care Committee was formed as part of the 2006 Physician Master Agreement and held its first meeting in October 2007.


The committee’s base annual funding is $6.5 million. In addition, it receives special contributions from the General Practice Services Committee and the Specialist Services Committee.


The Shared Care Committee consists of four voting members from Doctors of BC and four voting members from the Ministry of Health.


  • Partners in Care — developing and implementing telephone advice protocols, urgent and standard consultation methods, care plans and re-referral criteria.
  • Rapid Access to Psychiatry — creating new capacity with existing resources for patients with mood disorders.
  • Polypharmacy Risk Reduction — improving the management of patients on multiple medications to reduce risk of harm.
  • Transitions in Care — improving transition of patients into and out of acute care.
  • Teledermatology — supports the use of digital technology and the internet to improve access to dermatological consults for FPs in urban, remote and isolated communities in BC.
  • Youth Transitions — improving transition from pediatric to adult care for youth and young adults with complex health conditions.
  • Practice Support Program (PSP) —developing and delivering learning modules with a focus on shared care of patients between FPs and SPs.
  • Child and Youth Mental Health and Substance Use Collaborative — improving timely access to integrated mental health and substance use services and support for children, youth, and families across the province.
  • Redesign Funding — supporting physician participation in health system redesign projects led by BC health authorities.
  • Scholarships — supporting physician participation in leadership training.