Partners in Care Initiative

East Kootenay


This project started with interest from one family physician (FP) and one specialist (SP). Due to multiple mental health initiatives in the region, the Steering Committee has agreed to put this project on hold and will revisit in the next few months. Iinterior Health (IH) has a Cross Portfolio group that meets, however resources are stretched for competing FPs and SPs. IH has communicated it will revise the terms of reference for the Cross Portfolio group. Once this is complete, the Steering Committee will review this project.


The working group comprises of representation from four communities, with one specialist, nine family physicians and two midwives. The project includes working on issues for transportation including 1) developing a tool and/or resource for patients who are transferred to the East Kootenay Regional Hosptial for emergencies or extended stays in the hospital, 2) continuing to identify transportation challenges to the Ministry and other stakeholders.