Rural and Remote Islands

Polypharmacy Risk Reduction Initiative

Gulf Islands (Salt Spring)

Salt Spring Island physicians have been engaged in Polypharmacy Risk Reduction and have been provided with tools and resources to support meaningful medication reviews within the context of the GPSC Residential Care Initiative. 


Child and Youth Mental Health Collaborative

Local Action Teams

Local Action Teams (LATs) are a key component in the structure of the Child and Youth Mental Health and Substance Use (CYMHSU) Collaborative. They provide the foundation for improving timely access to support and services for local children, youth and families experiencing mental health and substance use challenges.

Teams are comprised of a diverse cross-section of mental health and substance-use service providers, stakeholders, and youth and families from the local community.

How it works

Each Local Action team commits to tackling one or two key objectives within a particular timeframe to address system barriers in their community. A Collaborative Coach supports the team to help them successfully achieve their goals and measure their outcomes.

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Partners in Care Initiative

Gulf Islands (Salt Spring)

Improving Access to Specialist Care

Salt Spring Island, a rural community of just over 10, 000 is served by a small population of family physicians (FPs).  To see a specialist, patients on Salt Spring must often travel off Island, usually requiring several trips for medical appointments and to complete tests. There are a small number of visiting specialist physicians but gaps in services remain, and the burden on the patient for costs and time to travel make accessing specialist care difficult for Salt Spring residents. Salt Spring Island is undertaking a project to address this issue, first with an evaluation of services, and then by developing mechanisms to ensure sustainable access to specialist care for island patients.