The Way Forward

We all talk a lot about collaboration, especially in health care. We know it makes sense and strive to achieve it, but collaborating effectively is hard work, takes time, and requires support to achieve success.  

Shared Care, as its name suggests, is about collaboration. Working closely with the General Practice Services and Specialist Services Committees, the Shared Care Committee’s mandate is to provide the means for family and specialist physicians to work together towards a coordinated healthcare system.

With funding and project support provided by the committee, physicians have a means to engage with others to address issues and trial solutions that impact the care of patients, and their own effectiveness in providing it. 

The Shared Care Committee consists of representatives of Doctors of BC, Ministry of Health, Health Authorities, and patients. Since its inception in 2006, the trialing of innovative ideas, in a cycle of planning, implementing, evaluation and revising, has formed the basis of over 190 projects initiated within ten Shared Care initiatives.

Initiatives span across populations and can be large, small, community-driven, or provincial in scope, but all are consistently evaluated according to the Triple Aim - i) Impact on patient outcomes, ii) impact on the patient and provider experience, iii) and implications for system efficiencies and sustainability.

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