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Surrey/North Delta

Partners in Care Initiative

Neuropathways: Improving Access, Capacity and Communication

With patient wait times in excess of 27.6 weeks (nearly seven months), improving the "(neuro) pathway" for patients from their community-based GPs to Neurologist and back again is a top priority. 


Rapid Access to Consultative Expertise (RACE) is a program designed to increase physician ability to access advice from colleagues to improve communication and knowledge transfer between care providers working in different service disciplines. This project aims to bring together a number of stakeholder groups to develop a RACE program for Surrey/North Delta and possibly other areas in the Fraser Valley.

Anchor - Complete

The Anchor project will help improve access to Psychiatry services for Family Physicians (FPs) in North Surrey. The goal is to improve stabilized care for an increasing number of patients with Mental Health/ Substance Use (MH/SU) conditions in the community. This will be done primarily by linking FPs to the Psychiatric Rapid Access Clinic, which will be established to serve North Surrey starting in fall 2014. The project will also establish a collaborative learning community and partnerships with community service organizations to provide ongoing support for FPs to increase their capacity in dealing with MH/SU ailments.



Transitions in Care Initiative

RELAY project: Nephrology - Complete

The Relay project is a multi-phase project to optimize care for patients with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), in order to delay the need for dialysis, as well as improve care and quality of life for those already on dialysis. In addition to improved quality of life, the outcome of this project will be cost and resource savings. Particular emphasis will be placed on improving the journey of unattached CKD patients who use Surrey Memorial Hospital's ER as their entry point into the health system.