Provincial Health Services Authority

Partners in Care Initiative

Cardiac Services

The purpose of this initiative is to improve the care of heart failure patients as they transition from specialists working in the Heart Functions Clinics (HFC) to the family physician.  There are 20 HFCs across five Health Authority regions in BC and are supported by Cardiac Services BC.  Three DoFPs and their community HFC have agreed to participate in phase 1.  This includes Powell River, Abbotsford and Prince George.

Cancer Survivorship - completed

The transition and treatment of patients moving from tertiary cancer treatment to their family physicians presents challenges.  The challenges include understanding chronic effects of cancer, monitoring for late effects and second malignancies, and promoting healthy lifestyles.  This project will prototype and spread a practical application of cancer survivorship/surveillance guidelines, using Northern Health's CSS software.  The project will initially target Abbotsford with a goal of sequential implementation across the province.


Transitions in Care Initiative

There are no projects currently in this area.