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Partners in Care Initiative

Mental Health - Complete

Improve access to psychiatric care through the co-location of psychiatry with family practice and increase the capacity of family physicians to manage patients with mental health issues.

You can read a summary of the project HERE

Orthopaedic - Complete

The Orthopaedics Project was initiated in response to family physicians (FPs) who expressed a strong need and desire for improvements to care access and communications.  The aim of this project is to improve the system for referring, prioritizing, and treatment of patients with orthopaedic issues.  The project has primarily focused on improving the referral process between FPs and ortho specialist offices; in particular around standardized referral information, ortho surgeon subspecialties, appropriate investigations and treatments, confirmation of referrals, and patient notification process.

Rheumatology - Complete

Development of a new referral process and implementation of immunization protocols.