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CYMHSU Community of Practice

ACEs Summit, May 9, 2019 


The Child and Youth Mental Health and Substance Use (CYMHSU) Community of Practice, was pleased to host the 2nd ACEs Summit in the Province on May 9th supported by the Shared Care Committee. Please see resources and a short summary of the event here. For ACEs resources and articles, take a look at our ACEs folder in the Collaborative Toolbox here


When the Child and Youth Mental Health and Substance Use (CYMHSU) Collaborative wrapped up in December 2017, physicians and other health professionals felt there was a need to continue working together to champion care and to support improvements in mental health and substance use services for children and youth.

The Shared Care Committee agreed, and have been supporting a CYMHSU Community of Practice which includes more than 150+ physicians, health professionals and system partners, including representatives from Government Ministries and Health Authorities. Two in-person meetings have taken place, to bring together the community and to set common goals. 

three WORKING GROUPS FOCUS ON priority areas:  

  1. Support ongoing, productive discussions with all government ministries involved
  2. Support incorporation into practice of evidence and resources for addressing and preventing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s)
  3. Continue to build community networks of physicians and other health professionals.

Please click on image for full-size version of the CoP's Strategic Plan:


On October 19th, 62 attendees came together in Vancouver to provide input on the CYMHSU Community of Practice strategic plan, and to develop concrete action plans moving forward. 

Read this short report for access to presentations, and to learn more about outcomes and action plans resulting from the day:

Summary Report

IN-PERSON EVENT september, 2017

Click image below for first meeting summary ...

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