Committee Members

The Shared Care committee consists of four physicians appointed by the Board of the Doctors of BC, and four members appointed by the Ministry of Health. The Committee also includes representation from each of the province’s health authorities, as well as two patient and family representatives.

* Voting member 

Doctors of BC

Dr Ian Schokking, Co-Chair*
Family Physician

Dr Reena Khurana*

Dr Jane Bishop*
Family Physician

Dr Mitchell Fagan*
FPSC Representative

Dr Cole Stanley (alternate)
Family Physician

Ministry Of Health

Shana Ooms, Co-Chair*
Executive Director, Surgical Renewal

Liana Silver*
Director, Physician Negotiation and Agreements

Health Authorities

Dr Michael McKenzie, Provincial Health Services Authority
Radiation Oncologist

Cheryl Beach, Fraser Health
Executive Director, Primary Health Care & CDM

Candice Manahan, Northern Health
Regional Director, Physician Quality, Engagement & Education

Dr Christine Hall, Island Health
Executive Medical Director

Carole Gillam, Vancouver Coastal Health
Executive Director, Primary Health Care & Chronic Disease Management

Dr Curtis Bell, Interior Health
Executive Medical Director, Primary and Community Care

Patients And Family Representatives

Iris Kisch, Patient Partner

Barb Maclean, Family Caregivers of BC

Angela Wignall, Nurses & Nurse Practitioners of BC

Staff Support

Laura Anderson, Senior Manager 

Jamie Carballo, Initiative Liaison, Fraser Region

Raymon Cheema, Initiative Liaison, Vancouver Coastal Region

Sarah Forster, Initiative Liaison, Interior Region

David Hebb, Initiative Liaison, Vancouver Island & Northern Regions

Linda Lemke, Vice President, Engagement and Quality Improvement

Adrian Leung, Director, Quality Impact

Sarah Lusk, Vice President, Communications and Public Affairs

Brooke Knowlton, Manager, Strategic Initiatives

Andrea McMaster, Liaison

Rosa Medina, Senior Administrative Assistant

David Moseley, Manager, JCC Finance

Gillian Reape, Senior Project Coordinator

Juan Rivera, Communications Officer

Hamid Shirzad, Senior Project Coordinator