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Physician Leadership Training


To support Family Physicians and Specialists in the development of their leadership and quality improvement skills. 

Who's involved

The Shared Care Committee (SCC) supports the development of leadership and quality improvement skills  for Family Physicians in partnership with the Specialist Services Committee (SSC) who supports Specialist Physicians.

Available Funding

Maximum funding of up to $10,000 per physician is available each fiscal year (April 1 - March 31) to cover actual tuition fees, accommodation and travel costs. Submission of receipts and proof of completion will be required for reimbursement.

Funding provides support for tuition, travel and accommodation for physicians wishing to access leadership and/or quality improvement training through accredited training organizations. 

How It Works

  1. Interested physicians complete the application form online.
  2. The application must be received before the course start date.
  3. A determination regarding your application will be sent within two weeks of receipt. This will include your decision letter and link to claim form (if approved).
  4. After completing the course, applicants must submit proof of completion, the accurately completed claim form, and all relevant receipts (i.e., for tuition and any expenses) to the JCC Training team. In order to receive reimbursement for these costs, all information listed above must be submitted within three months of course completion. 
  5. Once processed by Doctors of BC Finance, the physician will receive a confirmation of payment, as well as a survey link to provide feedback on the course and the scholarship program.


  • Shared Care scholarship funding is available for physicians as certificants or fellows of the College of Family Physicians of Canada who are actively and independently practicing in BC.
  • Funding is provided for participation in programs offered by recognized academic institutions, professional bodies, and/or quality improvement organizations that have:
    • Programs with a core leadership or quality improvement focus. Quality improvement can be defined as a proven method that leads to measurable improvement in health care services.
    • Programs that have a leadership focus on physician wellness
    • Programs related to Cultural Safety & Humility (CSH), as well as Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) that have a leadership focus
    • Programs where content is relevant to British Columbia
    • Programs reflecting Canadian context where available
  • Physicians will be expected to participate in a scholarship program evaluation after course completion.
  • Physicians must apply for scholarship funding before taking the course or conference. 
  • Please note that Health Authority endorsement does not necessarily mean approval, as each application is assessed by the review panel against Scholarship criteria. Not all applications are approved.


Please note wellness courses that have a leadership focus instead of an individual focus will be supported.

Not funded

  • Applications received after the course or conference has started.
  • Clinically-focused CME events or conferences CME
  • Time/compensation for attendance or travel time.
  • Reimbursement to organizations that hold or develop custom courses
  • Repeat participation in a coaching program
  • Physician multi-source feedback activities (360s) 
  • Courses where funding responsibility rests elsewhere (e.g., health authorities), regardless of whether funding for those activities is considered inadequate. Examples include:
    • Courses relating to Clinical Services Transformation (CST for VCH, Providence, PHSA) or i-Health (VIHA) for physicians in health authority leadership positions tasked with leading and implementing these initiatives (i.e., Cerner).
  • Courses relating to teaching in a university setting, for either medical students or residents. Physicians may approach UBC Faculty of Medicine’s Faculty Development department, to enquire about resources or supports:
  • Courses that are research-focused. Physicians may approach UBC Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to enquire about resources or supports. 
  • Residents and physicians completing a fellowship in BC do not qualify for funding at this time.


Can the scholarship funding be provided to me prior to participating in the leadership course?

No. Eligible expenses and tuition are not paid until the course or conference has been successfully completed. Submission of receipts and other documentation will be required for reimbursement no later than three months after completion.

Is there a recommended list of courses and conferences?

There is no specific list of recommended courses or conferences, but we have provided a list of popular courses attended by physicians below. You may also wish to ask your department head or the VP of Medicine of your health authority for suggestions.

Can scholarship funds be used to fund a coaching program?

Yes. Physicians interested in applying to fund one-on-one coaching should consider the following:

  • Applicants must submit a coach's bio/CV along with application
  • The coach should have experience coaching individuals in health care leadership roles
  • Coach holds the necessary certification as a coach and in leadership (e.g., Master's in Leadership, professional coaching certifications, etc.)
  • Applicant will be entering into, or currently holds, leadership position
  • Coaching quote is available with breakdown of costs
  • The scholarship supports one application for coaching per physician
  • Repeat participation in a coaching program will not be accepted
Can scholarship funds be used to fund a Master's program?

Yes. Physicians interested in applying to fund a Master's program should consider the following:

  • The program has a core and primary focus on leadership or quality improvement and meets basic scholarship criteria.
  • Physician is actively and independently practicing
  • Confirmation that a physician will be entering into, or holds, a leadership position
  • Physicians must have completed some leadership or quality improvement training previously, preferably within Canada
  • Preference given, but not limited, to courses with a Canadian context from a Canadian institution
  • Master's programs are eligible for up to two reimbursements of up to $10,000 each, if the course spans two or more fiscal years
Do you accept retroactive applications?

No. As of April 1, 2020, we no longer accept retroactive applications. Applications must be received prior to the start date of the course or conference.

What do I need to include with my expense claim?

You must include a completed claim form, proof of completion (e.g., certificate, transcript, or letter), and receipts. If your course takes place outside of Canada, and you have expenses in local currency, please also include a credit card statement that shows the exchange rate.

At what point do I submit my claim?

Submit your claim after completing the course. Claims must be received within three months of the course end date. Claims received later than this will not be reimbursed.

How long does it take to process an application or claim?

It takes approximately one to two weeks to process an application or claim once it has been received. You should receive a response from a member of the JCC Training team within a week of your submission.

What are the limits on funding and expense policies?

Every eligible physician is able to claim up to $10,000 per fiscal year. Only one claim can be made per course, even if the course spans multiple fiscal years (except for Master's programs). Reimbursement will be made in the fiscal year in which the training is complete.

Eligible expenses include tuitition, meals, accommodation, and travel.

Are costs related to the COVID-19 pandemic covered while attending in-person meetings?

If you are considering attending in-person courses or conferences please familiarize yourself with the travel guidelines in this link. Please note that all costs associated with the COVID-19 pandemic such as testing, travel interruptions, subsequent rebooking, and quarantine costs will not be covered by SSC and are the applicant’s responsibility. Please contact JCC Training for further information.

Please note: For in-person courses, all COVID-19 protocols at the location of conferences or educational sessions must be strictly adhered to.

Examples of funded courses and conferences

The following is a list of popular courses attended by the scholarship physicians. We have indicated the complexity level, according to the institution:

Useful Links

Physician Management Institute (PMI)

Institute for Health Care Improvement (IHI)

BC Patient and Safety Quality Council's Quality Academy

UBC Sauder Physician Leadership Program


VCH Physicians

PHSA Physicians

VIHA Physicians

All other physicians - please contact JCC Leadership Training via email or by phone at 604-638-5843.