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Physician Leadership Training

Important Notice

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there will be a temporary freeze on receiving/approving any requests for in-person training or conferences to the Physician Leadership Scholarship effective immediately until further notice. Requests for online courses are still being accepted. Please contact for further information.

  • For courses, conferences, and events that have been canceled due to COVID-19, physicians who were enrolled and have paid for non-refundable tuition, travel and/or accommodation may seek reimbursement from the SCC/SSC Leadership Scholarship.
  • For courses and conferences that are canceled with advance notice, it is the responsibility of the physician to cancel course, travel and accommodation arrangements as soon as possible in an effort to get a refund or partial refund.
  • You must provide proof of the expense, as well as identify or provide the cancelation policy of the respective training or event organizer, airline and/or hotel to support your claim.
  • Here is the link to the claim form for you to complete and submit to
  • Please note that the expense claim policy provides up to three months from the date of the last scheduled event or course to submit the expense claim. Any claim submitted after the three month period will not be reimbursed.
  • Please confirm by emailing if you have cancelled your course.


To support General Practitioners in the development of their leadership and quality improvement skills. 

Who's involved

The Shared Care Committee (SCC) supports General Practitioners with their leadership and quality improvement skills development. Each year, in partnership with the Specialist Services Committee (SSC), Shared Care provides funding support to assist with tuition, travel and accommodation for physicians wishing to access leadership and/or quality improvement training through accredited training organizations. 

Available Funding

Maximum funding of up to $10,000 per physician is available each fiscal year (April 1 - March 31) to cover actual tuition fees, accommodation and travel costs. Submission of receipts will be required for reimbursement.

Funding Criteria

  • Shared Care scholarship funding is available for physicians as certificants or fellows of the College of Family Physicians of Canada who are actively and independently practicing in BC.
  • Funding is provided for participation in programs offered by recognized academic institutions, professional bodies and/or quality improvement organizations with:

    • Programs with a core leadership or quality improvement. Quality improvement can be defined as a proven method that leads to measurable improvement in health care services
    • Programs where content is relevant in British Columbia
    • Preference given to programs reflecting Canadian context where available
  • As part of the scholarship funding, physicians will be expected to participate in a Shared Care scholarship program evaluation.
  • Endorsement is required from the Health Authority before the Shared Care sub-committee can approve it. Physicians should apply for scholarship funding before taking the course or conference. 
  • Please note that Health Authority endorsement does not necessarily mean approval, as each application is assessed by the SCC review panel against Scholarship criteria. Not all applications are approved.

Not funded

  • Clinically-focused events or conferences covered through CME
  • Time/compensation for attendance 
  • Reimbursement to organizations that hold or develop custom courses
  • Physician multi-source feedback activities (360s) 
  • Residents and physicians completing a fellowship in BC do not qualify for funding at this time.
  • Courses where funding responsibility rests elsewhere (i.e., Health Authorities), regardless of whether funding for those activities is considered inadequate. Examples include:
  • Courses relating to Clinical Services Transformation (CST for VCH, Providence, PHSA) or i-Health (VIHA) for physicians in health authority leadership positions tasked to lead and implement these initiatives (i.e., Cerner).
  • 'Just Culture' and other organizational-focused training (e.g. Saegis courses) 
  • Courses relating to teaching in a university setting, for either medical students or residents.  Physicians may approach UBC Faculty of Medicine’s Faculty Development department, to enquire about resources or supports:
  • Courses that are research-focused. Physicians may approach UBC Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to enquire about resources or supports.
  • As of April 1, 2020, retroactive applications are no longer accepted

Accessing Support

  1. Interested physicians can download the application form here and submit to the Vice President of Medicine at their respective health authority for endorsement.
  2. Endorsed applications are submitted to the JCC Leadership admin team for approval by the SCC and SSC sub-committees.


Who should I talk to within my Health Authority to endorse my application for leadership training scholarship funding?

You may contact your Department Head or other administrative head within your Health Authority to obtain Vice President of Medicine Endorsement.

Why is Health Authority endorsement of my application required in order to attend a leadership course?

The purpose of the leadership training scholarships is to support General Practice Physicians who will be undertaking leadership activities approved by the Health Authority, such as participating or leading health system redesign initiatives, or taking on leadership positions within the health authority (e.g. department head). Health Authority endorsement is needed to help identify which GPs are interested in taking on leadership activities and to help ensure that GPs are obtaining the appropriate training.

Can the scholarship funding be provided to me prior to participating in the leadership course?

No. Eligible expenses and tuition are not payable until the course or conference has been successfully completed. Submission of receipts will be required for reimbursement.

Is there a recommended list of courses and conferences?

There is no specific list of recommended courses or conferences, but we have provided a list of popular courses attended by physicians below. You may also wish to ask your department head or the VP of Medicine of your Health Authority for suggestions. 

Examples of funded courses and conferences

The following is a list of popular courses attended by the scholarship physicians. We have indicated the complexity level, according to the institution:

Useful Links

Physician Management Institute (PMI)

Institute for Health Care Improvement (IHI)

BC Patient and Safety Quality Council's Clinician Quality Academy


VCH Physicians — click here

PHSA Physicians — click here

VIHA Physicians - click here

All other physicians - please contact: JCC Leadership Training:, 604-638-5843