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Meeting Summaries



  • Funding Approvals
  • Presentation: Strategic Plan Progress Report
  • Presentation: "Precious People' Exploratory Discussion


  • No meeting


  • Funding Approvals
  • Committee Updates
  • Presentation: CBT Skills Update
  • Presentation: Integration Council: Virtual Care


  • Funding Approvals
  • Update: Physician Funding for Planning & Accommodation
  • Presentation: Shared Care Learning Centre
  • Presentation: Patient Summaries Draft Implementation Plan


  • Funding Approvals
  • Update: SCC Response to COVID-19
  • Update: Provincial Best-Practices in Oral Opioid Agonist Therapy (BOOST) Collaborative 
  • Presentation: CBT Provincial Spread Draft Implemenation Plan


  • Funding Approvals
  • Presentation: Shared Care update - Langley Division of Family Practice
  • SCC Process Update: Patient & Family Caregivers 
  • Presentation: Discharge from ER to Community for Vulnerable Frail Elderly - South Okanagan Similkameen Division


  • Funding Approvals
  • Presentation: Shared Care update - Ridge Meadows Division of Family Practice


  • Funding Approvals
  • Presentation: Child & Youth Mental Health & Substance Use Community of Practice 'A Pathway to Hope'
  • Presentation: IHI/PQI Update and Next Steps



  • Funding Approvals
  • Committee Updates
  • Presentation: Pathways Referral Tracker Project
  • Presentation: Shared Care Workplan


  • No meeting


  • Funding Approvals
  • Presentation: Victoria Patient Summaries Project
  • Presentation: SCC Strategic Goals, Performance Measures and Evaluation Plan


  • Funding Approvals
  • Presentation: Kootenay Boundary Coordinated Care for Older Adults Project


  • Funding Approvals
  • Presentation: SCC Strategic & Evaluation Plans
  • Presentation: Spread network process


  • No meeting


  • Funding Approvals
  • Presentation: BC Cancer Provincial Primary Care Program
    Presentation: ACEs Summit & CYMHSU Community of Practice Gathering


  • Funding Approvals
  • Presentation: Maternity Spread Network Update
  • Presentation: Coordinating Complex Care for Older Adults Initiative Update


  • No meeting


  • Funding Approvals
  • Presentation: Polypharmacy Risk Reduction Initiative
  • Presentation: CBT Skills Spread


  • Funding Approvals
  • Presentation: CYMHSU Community of Practice
  • Presentation: Kootenay Boundary Palliative Care


  • Funding Approvals
  • Presentation: Surgical Plan Update
  • Presentation: RACE Report and Next Steps




  • Funding Approvals
  • Presentation: Victoria Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) Spread
  • Presentation: Northern Shared Care Psychiatry Project


  • Funding Approvals
  • Presentation: Delta Division Assisted / Independent Living project
  • Presentation: Specialist Services Committee Surgical Optimization


  • Funding Approvals
  • Presentation: Abbotsford Division Patient Pathway Project
  • Presentation: Overview of Meansurement System for Physician Quality Improvement


  • Update on the Provincial Digital Health Strategy
  • Presentation: Patient Referrals Through Pathways (in partnership with White Rock/Surrey Division)
  • Shared Care Learning Centre – Adoptability Profiles


  • Funding Approvals
  • Overview of Provincial Chronic Pain Strategy
  • Overview of Shared Care Chronic Pain Spread Network
  • Polypharmacy Risk Reduction - Medication Use in Indigenous Communities