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Increasing access to dermatologists

A mid-term evaluation of Shared Care's Teledermatology initiative shows that Primary Care access to dermatology expertise using a secure web platform—ConsultDerm—has resulted in a one-day response for 75% of requested consultations. In many cases, these consultations provided access to dermatology expertise for primary care physicians in rural and remote communities, reducing long wait times for patients, and reducing the need for long distance travel by 50% for patients needing to access care.  

More than 800 BC physicians and nurse practitioners have been using the  ConsultDerm web platform since 2011, helping to anchor patient care within the primary care home. 

Participating dermatologists from both BC and Alberta provide expert consultation and additional clinical information back to the primary care physician to help inform care.

Referring physicians wishing to learn how to use the ConsultDerm platform can view this short two-minute instructional video created by Dermatologist, Dr. Jaggi Rao.