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Initiatives Overview

Shared Care initiatives are improving the coordination of patient care between family and specialist physicians. The relationship between family physicians (FP) and specialist physicians (SP) is fundamental to the delivery of effective health care, especially for more complex patient populations.

Partners in Care

Focuses on streamlining referral and consult processes, shared care planning and re- referral criteria, diagnostic standards and communications, telephone advice protocols, and more.

Rapid Access to Consultative Expertise (RACE)

Designed to increase family physician access to specialist consultation and to improve communication and knowledge transfer between different care providers.

Rapid Access to Psychiatry

An alternate model of care for patients with mood disorders offering expedited access to psychiatric assessment, intervention, and follow-up.


Supporting family and specialist physicians to improve management of patients on multiple medications that may impact their safety and quality of life.

Transitions in Care

Aims to address the various challenges of patient transition into and out of acute care.


Supports the use of digital technology and aspects of the Internet to improve access to dermatological consults for family physicians across BC

Child and Youth Mental Health and Substance Use Collaborative

Increasing the number of children, youth, and their families receiving timely access to integrated mental health and substance use services and supports in BC.

Youth Transitions

Aims to improve the transition from pediatric to adult care for youth and young adults (age 10 to 24) with chronic health conditions and/or disabilities.

Practice Support Program

Providing training and support (learning modules) for physicians and their MOAs to improve clinical and practice management and to support enhanced delivery of patient care.

Funding and Scholarships

Offers funding and scholarships to qualifying family physicians for participation in health system redesign initiatives and leadership training