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Emergency Medicine Network Retreat revitalizes ER teams in Kootenay Boundary

The Kootenay Boundary Emergency Medicine Network project has achieved one of its key deliverables: a second offering of the Emergency Medicine Network Retreat. Spanning two days in October 2022, the retreat gave physicians, nurses, and BCEHS staff from across seven rural hospital sites the opportunity to network and build relationships with colleagues from the KB region.

Over 40 attendees took part in the two-day retreat, including physicians, nurses, BCEHS staff, Indigenous speakers, and more. Over the course of the retreat, participants heard from experts and colleagues on topics spanning from cultural humility in ER settings, real-life ICU/ER case presentations, and transportation, to discussing everyday challenges.

The BC Emergency Medicine Network was also one of the keynote sessions included in the event, which gave feedback to the provincial group while building a solid relationship between the provincial service and local emergency teams.

Another highlight was the Emergency Olympics. This team-building activity is the highlight of each retreat, pitting the skills of teams against each other and the clock.

Organizers heard positive comments around the retreat. One participant expressed that “this event should always be hosted every year” and another remarked that “even just the bonding with our nurses made the event fantastic!”.

Additionally, the team received constructive feedback regarding the venue, format, and other suggestions, which will help shape future iterations of the Emergency Medicine Network Retreat.

In all, the event was well-attended, and the content and activities were well-received by participants. The opportunity for attendees to interact and develop or enhance relationships with their colleagues proved valuable. Work is underway to sustain this valuable event, collaborating with the regional continuing professional development team to take over hosting. This will ensure that the retreat becomes a sustainable pillar of regional networking and education.

The Emergency Medicine Network Retreat was funded by Shared Care, in collaboration with the Kootenay Boundary Division of Family Practice.

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