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New Learning Centre supports greater efficiency, connection, and collaboration

A new Learning Centre launched by the Shared Care Committee (SCC), aims to streamline SCC project support for physicians and project teams, and help connect communities to spread successful work.

Intended as a ‘one-stop-shop’, features of the Learning Centre include:


Physicians and project teams requested a database of health care / quality improvement projects to help them identify work that could be adapted for their own communities. It’s recognized that sharing knowledge, resources, and challenges can make all the difference to the success of a project, while also saving valuable time and costs for those involved.

In response, SCC projects are now on the Exchange - a searchable database developed to centralize access to project details for individuals engaged in Specialist Services and Shared Care initiatives, or for those interested in getting involved. The Exchange is available on the Learning Centre, and projects can be searched by population, region, specialty, physician leads and more.

Offering opportunities for physicians and others to capitalize on this broad scope of work is a main focus of Shared Care’s strategic plan, and of the JCCs moving forward.

Project tools and resources

Transforming ideas into actual health care improvements requires time, collaboration, funds and inevitably, a whole lot of paper work.

Guiding people through the project’s lifecycle and its many processes is part of the role of SCC staff and Liaisons, but with 151 current projects, there was recognition this could be made easier for everybody.

Now many of the forms, templates and information you need throughout your project have been collated in one place on the Learning Centre.

You can learn how to apply for funding, access forms and templates, understand processes and expectations around monitoring and evaluating your project, and assess your project’s viability for long-term outcomes with our new Sustainability Toolkit. We recommend taking a look through all the available resources before getting started.

A section under 'Events' provides dates of network calls, orientations for new project leads, and upcoming conferences or webinars that may be of interest.

We recommend bookmarking as an ongoing resource, and welcome your feedback on what can be added or changed to support you further.

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