Providence Health Care


Regional Radiology Improvement

GPs in the VCH region will work with Hospital and community diagnostic imaging (DI) clinics to reduce patient wait times, improve communication between providers and patients and provide clinical materials to ensure most appropriate DI is requested.

BASE -Electronic Advice from Specialists to Primary Care

Establishing e-consults in the Vancouver Coastal region.

eCASE - Electronic Consultative Access to Specialists

Endorse the continuation and controlled expansion of the eCASE prototype so that the electronic Consultative Access to Specialist Expertise can be expanded to more Specialist services, offered to more Family Physicians in the VCH region and be more thoroughly evaluated to inform discussions of value to the Patient Medical Home and fee codes. 

Complex, Comorbid Chronic Disease Management Strategy

Communication on admission and discharge between internal medicine and family physicians; accurate identification of family physicians; shared care planning.


Spread shared care processes (e.g. referral acknowledgment) into VCH ambulatory clinics.