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Feelings First - Child social and emotional development

Children’s mental health and wellness is of paramount importance to health care providers, particularly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Stress, isolation, and the associated effects can have lasting impacts on children.

To address these issues, physicians involved in Shared Care's CYMHSU Community of Practice, were actively involved in the development of a 13-week public awareness campaign called “Feelings First.”

The Feelings First campaign, created by over 40 organizations as part of a BC Healthy Child Development Alliance, promotes the importance of early social emotional development (SED) in young children (ages 0–5).

When a child feels seen and supported early on, their core beliefs are positively shaped and can give rise to an inner voice that says, “I’m worthy of love, attention, and being treated well.”

Read about the campaign on the Doctors of BC website.

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