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Reducing the risk of frailty for healthy aging

BCMJ: Collaborating as partners and communities to prevent frailty.

With a growing population, frailty is becoming an increasingly critical challenge to the quality and enjoyment of life of many Canadians.

Over 1.5 million Canadians are living with frailty, a state of “increased vulnerability and functional impairment that is caused by an accumulation of multisystemic decline.” Within the next 10 years, it is projected that well over two million Canadians may be living with frailty.

Doctors of BC and the Joint Collaborative Committees are engaging with seniors by identifying early risk factors, supporting early interventions such as geriatric assessments, and encouraging social interaction and exercise.

Dr Grace Park, Regional Medical Director of Home Health/Specialized Community Health Services for the Complex Medical/Frail at Fraser Health, has worked with the Shared Care Committee to create a brochure and poster for doctors to share with their patients covering five key frailty prevention strategies:

A – Activity
V – Vaccination
O – Optimizing medications
I – Interaction
D – Diet

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Access the Frailty Prevention Toolkit.

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