Report: Impact of Maternity Spread Network

A new report ‘Fostering Collaboration for Collective Impact’ highlighting the work of Shared Care’s Maternity Spread Network from 2017 - 2020 is available here

The Maternity Spread Network is one of five Shared Care Spread Networks linking Divisions/communities to spread successful strategies and resources to improve care for priority populations. 22 communities are now involved in the Maternity Network.

Purpose of the Report

The report aims to highlight the work of skilled providers and committed stakeholders that, within a complex environment like maternity care, may not get much notice. Specifically its purpose is:  

1. To provide an overview of the network’s activities and operations, impact and value, and progress toward shared goals

2. To acknowledge the scope and accomplishments of communities that have undertaken innovative maternity projects since the Network’s inception, and

3. To provide an opportunity to look at these accomplishments now, so we can build on them as the Maternity Spread Network transitions into a resilient, productive Community of Practice.


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