Funding Guidelines

Funding Streams

Shared Care funding is provided under the following streams of work:

Shared Care Guidelines

The Shared Care Guidelines document provides key information for those entering into a partnership with the Shared Care Committee. 

Information includes:

  • Shared Care Committee overview, values and principles
  • What a partnership with Shared Care looks like
  • Funding priorities
  • Responsibilities of the Fund Holder
  • Role of the Project Lead

Expression of Interest (EOI) Proposal Forms 

Before completing your EOI/Proposal form, please get in touch with your appropriate Shared Care Liaison. Learn about the team here.

EOI Funding Request Form Updated April 15, 2024.

Project Funding Request Form (Proposal) Updated April 15, 2024.

Estimated Project Budget Form Updated April 15, 2024.


Important Information for Funding Submissions

The Shared Care Committee meets every month, with the exception of a month in the summer. Each meeting, the Committee reviews proposals for funding approval; the number of approvals reviewed will depend on the meeting agenda.

Proposals received by the SCC staff undergo a review and feedback process to ensure that documentation is complete and meets Shared Care Guidelines. The amount of feedback required will affect how quickly a proposal can be brought forward to the Committee. Please contact your SCC Liaison for further information.


For questions or inquiries, please contact