Funding Guidelines

Shared Care support during covid-19

Shared Care will continue to support you as you support your communities. Please see this one-pager outlining how Shared Care funding can assist you in your response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Funding Streams

Shared Care funding is provided under the following streams of work:

Shared care guidelines

The Shared Care Guidelines document provides key information as an ongoing reference for those entering into a partnership with the Shared Care Committee. Information includes:

  • Shared Care Committee overview, values and principles
  • What a partnership with Shared Care looks like
  • Funding priorities
  • Responsibilities of the Fund Holder
  • Role of the Project Lead
    ... and more


Before completing your EOI/Proposal form, please get in touch with your appropriate Shared Care Liaison. Learn about the team here.

Project Funding Request Form (EOI/Proposal)

Estimated Project Budget Form

Submission deadlines


Aug 27     Oct 01    Oct 29     Nov 26

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