Adult Mental Health & Substance Use

OVERVIEW of initiative

With the Child and Youth Mental Health and Substance Use (CYMHSU) Collaborative focusing on young needs for MHSU from 2013-17, and the evolution to a successful CYMHSU Community of Practice, Shared Care has recognized that there is an opportunity to continue the momentum with a focus on adults through an Adult Mental Health and Substance Use (AMHSU) network. Shared Care will support GP-Specialist led partnerships to regularly meet with other allied health care providers to identify and address community issues for a more coordinated MHSU system of care.

Our focus

Shared Care’s Mental Health and Substance Use network will focus on three adult age range populations:

  1. Young adults (18-35yrs) - Youth transitioning into the adult care system.
  2. Middle age adults (36-55yrs) - including caregiver burnout involving anxiety and depression.
  3. Older adult (55-65yrs) - High prevalence of underdiagnosed depression leading to a significant impact on physical health conditions.

How it works

The network will have two phases for financial support to be allocated according to the proposal’s size and scope. During these two phases, continuous central support such as resources, facilitation and an evaluation framework will be provided. You can learn more about the two phases here.


Please visit our 'Funding Guidelines' webpage for more information, including an EOI/Proposal Form & Submission Deadlines

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Ray Grewal, SCC Liaison

Eileen Janel, Sr. Project Coordinator