Dr Anthon Meyer on Shared Care

Q: From your time on the Committee, what do you see as the benefits of the work of Shared Care and the value of the work to the health care system and those involved?

During my short time on the committee, my experience with Shared Care has been extremely positive. The atmosphere of importance around interconnectedness and integration is palpable. The focus to wrap care around the patient and family and to support vulnerable and First Nation patient populations is refreshing and something that I personally value. I like the focus on evaluating the impact projects have had and to identify opportunities for spread.

Q: What would you tell physicians regarding getting involved in Shared Care work? What opportunities are available and what are the advantages?

This is an amazing opportunity where physicians can work across disciplines and traditional boundaries to support each other and the larger team. We are very fortunate to have this available in BC as part of our clinical collaborative committee structure. I would encourage physicians to reach out to the Shared Care Liaison team if they have any thoughts around a project that could improve integrated care at the community level, and especially if they feel there is opportunity to improve health service delivery system-wide with spread to other communities. That is where the real value lies, and this creates the ideal opportunity to innovate.

Q: What is the value for you, and to both GPSC and Shared Care, in having your combined perspective at the table?

Family physicians, as the experts in primary care, have an important role to participate across the spectrum of team-based care and to share that expertise in a collaborative and integrated manner.

While family physicians and specialists require their "own" space to focus on their individual needs and priorities, Shared Care creates this wonderful opportunity to identify areas of alignment and common interest where our combined perspectives unlock the true potential of collective impact. When we work together in such a manner, we have the ability to improve patient care in the province of BC at a level that we would not be able to affect if we work separately.

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