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Rapid Access to Psychiatry

The Rapid Access to Psychiatry initiative is increasing capacity and using existing resources for psychiatric patient care in BC. Psychiatrists engaged in the initiative are using an alternate model of care that includes group medical visits (GMVs) and/or physician-patient e-mail communication for treatment of patients with mood disorders.


In 2009 Remick and his colleagues began offering GMVs for their patient group at the Mood Disorders Association of BC (MDABC) premises in Vancouver. With funding from the Shared Care Committee they were able to recruit additional psychiatrists and secure administrative support and space to provide more group visits at the MDABC site. The psychiatrists found that many of their patients did well in a group setting supporting 75% of research indicating that group visits are equally as effective as individual visits. The remaining 25% indicate that group visits are actually more effective.

The initiative has expanded to Langara College's Vancouver campus, where psychiatrists are now holding GMVs for patients with ADHD. Plans are also underway to expand the initiative to Victoria, Abbotsford, Whistler, Vernon, Penticton, and sites servicing the Surrey South Asian community.

For more details on Group Medical visit the MDABC website.

For a case study on the initiative click here.


View Dr Remick's winning poster showing physician to patient email communication between patients and physicians in the Rapid Access to Psychiatry program.


Shared Care Committee

Dr Ron Remick,
Medical Lead, Rapid Access to Psychiatry initiative